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The Travelling Tom

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A Friendly Reminder To Those Who Suck at Friendships

I’m one of them, too. Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash As I looked at the messages on Whatsapp , I wanted to internally shriek: 9 unattended messages from the same friend within a one-hour time span. Guilt coursed through my veins as I tried to think of a reasonable explanation on why I did not pick ... READ the POST

A Peek into Inspiring Travel Blogs: ROAM

Photo credit: Canva Wherever you roam… wherever you wander… I perused through various travel blogs on a mission to find a good read to spark some inspiration, or at the very least, some insight of travel escapades.  Roam… The word conjures up an image of a nomadic lifestyle from land to ... READ the POST

Wherever you roam... wherever you wander...