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  • A Viajante: A Poem
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The Entrepreneur in All of Us: Live Your Life With Soul

The Entrepreneur in All of Us: Live Your Life With Soul Don’t deny it. You are an entrepreneur. Anyone who has dreams and aspirations for success is an entrepreneur-in-the-making. A lot of times we question the label of entrepreneurship. We question its authenticity due to entrepreneurship’s ... READ the POST

7-Day Challenge

Challenge of the Week: Just go with it Only an hour to write a journal entry NOT already made. Fresh thoughts only. 3/13 Tuesday — 3/20 Tuesday Purpose: To write unfiltered and explore + figure out writing voice.       ... READ the POST


Amor, I’m going to spoil this message for your at the very beginning. It’s going to sound sad, but I hope that by the end of it: You won’t be sad anymore. Sometimes A person will change his or her mind about you. Hopefully, they’ll let you know upfront. Often they don’t. And you are strung along by ... READ the POST

A Viajante: A Poem

I want to travel the world And be a stranger in a foreign land. I want to get lost and swallowed By city lights and briny air. I want to see the sun set And the sun rise on the other side of the world. To be alone in open solitude Experience the experiences of what it means To be alive and ... READ the POST